Where to buy



We have terminated the agreement with our Danish dealer. Please contact us directly to hear how you can buy our products in Denmark. mail@dyrholmaudio.com or phone: +45 60 85 55 50


Germany and Austria:

Company: Hörgenuss

City: Frankfurt

E-Mail: info@hgfa.de

Website: https://www.hgfa.de

Phone: +49 69 40326292

Hong Kong, China, Macau and Taiwan:

Pacific Audio LTD

Phone: +852 29 47 71 19

Mail: sales@pacificaudio.com.hk

Web: http://www.pacificaudio.com.hk/en/


New Ambience

Phone: +7 (916) 694-75-15

Mail: info@newambience.ru

Web: https://newambience.ru/


Werner – Musica

E-Mail: werner@werner-musica.com

Website: https://www.werner-musica.com/

Phone: + 34 93 302 17 92

We are looking for distributors and dealers worldwide.

New distributors and dealers will be listed here when agreements are signed.
If you don’t have a dealer in your country, mail us and you will be informed on how to purchase our products