The Mono cables is the most affordable cable series from Dyrholm Audio. This cable series is intended for people who do not necessarily have equipment worth millions, but still enjoy great sound. The Mono series is created from the experience of making much more expensive cables, but in this cables we have omitted the most expensive connectors and made less out of appearance to get into a price everyone can join

However, you still get 100% Danish handmade cables in which all wires are isolated in cotton, and the connectors chosen for best sound at an affordable price.

The Mono cable is made from gold-plated copper wires, which are isolated with cotton.
Interconnects are supplied with Switchcreft RCA or XLR connectors, and the speaker cable with Furutech gold plated copper spades or banana plugs

The cables are thin and flexible, and can easily be mounted anywhere. Interconnects are not shielded, and therefore not suited for pick-up signals.

The Mono cables get you crisp and clear sound, with many details. Compared with the supplied cables that comes with many components, you will experience a considerable increase in the reproduction. It is easier to separate the different instruments and it is much easier to understand singing and speaking.