Here you can read the first review of the Dyrholm Audio Zodiac cable:

Mono and Stereo

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Dyrholm Audio Zodiac review

About the Zodiac digital cable Kurt Lassen (Nomono) wrote:

Dyrholm Audio – Zodiac plays with a deep bottom, very impressive and full-bodied. The space will be played incredibly well. For fun we mounted again standard cable (which is called a licorice-line to the price of 50 pennies) and the sound went completely to pieces, it was tough, metallic and decidedly unpleasant to listen to. Back with Dyrholm Zodiac, panoramic views, and that broad and deep sound perspective was back. Bravo. A super good cable. Not exactly cheap, but then a wide and sweeping stereo perspective that is incredibly addictive. Homogeneous and seductive at all levels. Lovely Danish quality.