Draco Digital cables

In the Draco Series, the digital cables are constructed with UPOCC copper wires. A single wire is used for 75 ohm cables (BNC) and 2 wires for 110 ohm cables (XLR).

The wires are sonically optimised in dimension for this particular cable. The wires are braided with cotton fibres and sealed against corrosion. The conductors are electrically shielded against noise. This construction also minimises static build-up and protects against vibrations.

We have chosen gold-plated XLR connectors for the 110 ohm cable and RCA/BNC connectors for the 75 ohm cable from Furutech for these cables.

The Draco Series’ most prominent feature is a super musical and homogeneous reproduction of sound.

This cable series can be used on any system, and with great pleasure.

Pictures will be here soon.