At Dyrholm Audio we primarily develop our cables by listening tests.

There have been many attempts as to measure differences of cables, and undoubtedly, differences can be measured: inductance and capacitance in various materials as well as differences of isolation material.
However – and unfortunately – none of these measurements virtually tell us anything at all, about how a cable should measure in order to sound “the right way”!

So, all cables have resistance, induction and capacitance, to a certain degree, but it has never been demonstrated that there is a certain relationship between measured data and the actual sound of any cables. If so, it would be easy to make a cable that measured the right way, and the best cables ever would be reality.

The point is: no measuring method or device can definitely compete with the human ear – therefore Dyrholm Audio develop through listening tests. We do care about scientific parameters, but entirely supplied by listening, the crucial point being perfection of sonic performance of our products. Therefore, none of our cables will ever damage your equipment, as it has occurred with some braided speaker cable, decades ago, which resulted in burned-off amps due to an unfortunate combination of high induction and capacitance.

So, at Dyrholm Audio we spend hundreds of hours listening to the influence of different materials, knowing that every component in a cable has an impact on the overall result. That being the quality of conductor material (copper, silver and gold), the matching surface of the conductor; purity, diameter and amount of conductors. Isolation of the conductors, construction and, indeed, the connectors being used.
When one or more of these components are changed, the performance of the cable will alter as well. Therefore, it is an endless process to produce the perfect cable.

Our products are hand crafted in Denmark, from the raw wires to the finished cables, built from scratch to the exact lengths. The cores consist of pure PUOCC Copper, fine silver, silver- or gold plated copper. As silver and copper will wear (oxidize) over time, all cables will be contained in a sealed tube that is shrunk by heating, which at the same time seals the ends so that the wires are protected from oxidation.

As isolation material cotton is found to lead to an excellent, natural sound production – much better than commonly used materials familiar to plastic, and even silk.

All products have been through a burn-in process in a cable cooker, so that sound of the cables do not change a lot after installation.

Cables constructed in this way are not cheap to produce, but performance is great. This is proved by the fact that very few customers return the cables after listening!

At Dyrholm Audio we aim to make products that satisfy audiophiles with the highest demands for natural sound reproduction. We have created cables in different price ranges, aiming to make the most satisfying listening experiences within range and price tag.

You are always welcome to contact us for advice and guidance – that be before or after your purchase.