X – Stream – Speakercable

Customers who know our X – Series know what they stand for.

The X – Series reproduces the music incredibly balanced and pleasant, very addictive.

But, there are always customers who want a little more, who are always searching for the ultimate and extreme.

Together with one of these customers, we have developed the speaker cable X – Stream.

It has the same sound philosophy as the speaker cable in the X – Series, but has more control, better perspective and better depth reproduction. Still super musical and engaging.

The improvement has been achieved by changing the internal threads from 15 pcs. per conductor for 25 pcs. per conductor.

Of this, 15 strands are of the purest silver and 10 strands of silver-plated OFC copper. This gives an area of ​​almost 13 mm2 per conductor, and a huge surface area, as all threads are separately insulated in cotton and sealed. In addition, it is possible to connect the cable’s screen directly to ground, for even better performance. It is absolutely extreme.

The plugs for this cable are the absolute best that Furutech can produce, CF-201 (R) carbon as spade plugs and CF-202 (R) carbon as banana plugs.

The cable has been discontinued from our program