The Polish online magazine, Soundrebels has tested our Vision Series.

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The German magazine fairaudio has tested our intro series, Phoenix.

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The German magazine Image – Hifi has tested the entire X – Series.

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Dyrholm X – Serie review (German)

Here you can read the first review of the Dyrholm Audio Zodiac cable:

Mono and Stereo

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Dyrholm Audio Zodiac review

About the Zodiac digital cable Kurt Lassen (Nomono) wrote:

Dyrholm Audio – Zodiac plays with a deep bottom, very impressive and full-bodied. The space will be played incredibly well. For fun we mounted again standard cable (which is called a licorice-line to the price of 50 pennies) and the sound went completely to pieces, it was tough, metallic and decidedly unpleasant to listen to. Back with Dyrholm Zodiac, panoramic views, and that broad and deep sound perspective was back. Bravo. A super good cable. Not exactly cheap, but then a wide and sweeping stereo perspective that is incredibly addictive. Homogeneous and seductive at all levels. Lovely Danish quality.

Here you can read about customer feedback:

Dyrholm Audio X – Series coax/SPDIF RCA
I used an audiophile Coax RCA connection between my Panasonic DP-UB9000 and my PS Audio Directstream DAC. I have been very satisfied with this cable for several years, but it was now time for an upgrade. I tried a high-end cable from a very well known cable manufacturer and it really wasn’t an improvement. I then found out, that Dyrholm Audio also makes a digital coax cable, and I had to try that, since I have been very happy with my Dyrholm X speaker cables and Dyrholm Zodiac XLR cables.

Well, I can only say, that this is a really great cable, (and YES, digital cables do definitely make a difference). It is neutral, very, very smooth with no digital glare, lots of detail and a rich tonal character. You get both the details and the big picture of the music in true high definition.

If You want Your digital music to sound like coming from a high-end analog rig auditioning this cable is a must.

Skov Jensen

X – Series:
I have been an audiophile for many years and have listened to a lot of great HIFI equipment during the years – including cables. Yes, good cables can make  a significant improvement to your HIFI!
I have listened to several high end cables at demos and at home, including the Odin series from Nordost. They are truly great cables, but also exorbitantly expensive.

A few years ago I tried some Dyrholm Zodiac cables at home (Dyrholm has a 30 days return policy and the cables arrives burned in), and they were truly great, so I bought them (loudspeaker and XLR). I still went to HIFI demos but never heard anything that was better than my Zodiac cables, so I was convinced they would stay in my system for many years.
Well, that was until I saw that John Dyrholm had made an anniversary series cable – the X, that I simply had to try. So I did, and now they have replaced the Zodiacs.

The zodiacs are still great cables, but the X has just more of everything, I appreciated about the Zodiacs:
A very large and open soundstage in every direction, lots of detail and insight with every music instrument in the right place, but most important of all, they let the music flow in a natural way, so you enjoy the music and forgets everything else. With well recorded music the room simply disappears, and it is only me and the music – fantastic.

If You are looking for high end cables at a relatively reasonable price, trying Dyrholm cables is a must.
I assure You they are par with the Nordost Odins in quality (at a quarter of their price), though their sound signature is different, which is where Your personal taste comes in.

At the end of the day, I can only say that I am convinced, You can´t find cables like this nowhere near their price point or the double – or triple of that

– Ole –