Dyrholm Audio is a company that is entirely engaged in developing and manufacturing of hi-fi cables of such high quality, that you will experience a considerable improvement of sound quality on most hi-fi systems.

The aim has always been to produce cables that satisfy critical listeners and true music lovers. All products are superbly hand-crafted from the most suitable among precious materials, proceeded by numerous tests.
Various metals and alloys have been tested in numerous dimensions, as well as lots of different types of isolation. This has resulted in selecting pure silver as well as silver- and gold plated copper. Certain cables contain a mixture of different threads.

Pure and unbleached cotton is selected for isolation. Though difficult to handle it has superior characteristics as for damping resonance and keeping static electricity at a minimum level. Cables containing silver are further more sealed in an air tight tube in order to avoid oxidation.
The cables are completed with a jacket of braided polyester or Carbon (on X – Series) for durability in daily use.

Connectors are carefully chosen after various listening tests. Most connectors are provided by ETI Research and Furutech which I found among the very premier league, so I have used several different types and models within various cable-series, selected and matched – by listening – for best performance, in the various price ranges. Read all about it in the descriptions of the individual cable models.

During development the cables are tested on modestly priced equipment as well as high-end gear, and a lot of people are involved in listening before a model emerges for production and sale.

Welcome to a major musical performance

September 2014
John Dyrholm Lund