X – Phono – Tonearm cables

Dyrholm Audio – The X – Phono series

Dyrholm Audio celebrate our ten years jubilee by introducing a new series of cables: the X-series!

We have (in 2017) spent more than ten years of developing some of the finest cables available, so it has been quite a task exceeding our former top-end cables. In order to make a proper celebration we have used all our skills and experience to develop this product.

These cables go beyond your wildest dreams regarding natural timbre, resolution, perspective, depth and so on.

The X – Phono Tonearm cables are developed specifically for use between your turntable and Step-up unit, and from step-up unit to RIAA amplifier. These cables are designed to be used wherever there is a lower output voltage than the normal 2 V in line signals.

High-end performing.
In the X – Series tonearn cables the cores are made from pure fine-silver. The cores are individually insulated and sealed in air tight tubes.

The cables are shielded with a galvanized copper shield, effectively preventing pollution from other sources. Finally covered in a carbon shield, protecting from wear and tear as well as preventing from accumulation of static electricity inside the cable.

The X – Phono Series are supplied as RCA/RCA, XLR/XLR, DIN/RCA, DIN/XLR.

All plugs are Furutech Carbon series, High-end rhodium-plated copper plugs.

The series has been discontinued from our program