Draco Series

The new Draco Series to be introduced in autumn 2023

We have used our experience from the Vision Series to develop this new cable range.

The Draco Series also exclusively uses UPOCC (Ultra pure – Ohno Continuous Casting) copper wire for all models.

Ohno Continuous Casting is a moulding process developed by Professor Ohno of the Chiba Institute of Technology in 1982. This process eliminates transverse crystals in the material and is also known as single crystal copper. The copper achieves a higher purity and a super smooth surface during this process. This means that electrons don’t have to travel from one crystal to another along the entire length of the cable, with great sonic benefits.

The Draco Series’ most prominent feature is a super musical and homogeneous reproduction of sound.

The series will always get the best out of your system.

The cables are slightly more forgiving than the Vision NCF Series, but still with a clear and precise reproduction.

This cable series can be used on any system, and with great pleasure.

The Draco Series will be manufactured as interconnect cable, speaker cable, power cable, digital cable and USB cable.