Phoenix Series

The Phoenix Series is in this updated version (2020) a cable series from Dyrholm Audio that is performing close to the Zodiac series, yet different and at a much more affordable price.
The Phoenix excels in a lucid, yet exact and detailed sound, that never tend to get harsh. You get it all, and still you can go on listening for hours and hours.
This cable is constructed from silver-plated copper wire of varying diameters. All threads are isolated with separate cotton braids, and finally gathered in a sealed tube that prevents oxidation. Noise and hum shielding is provided by a zink-plated copper shield, on interconnects and digital cables, preventing radiation from other sources.

The Phoenix – series are available as interconnect-, speaker-, power, digital, and USB cables.

The Phoenix Series are supplied with Furutech rhodium plated connectors.

The Phoenix Series are hand made in Denmark.