Phono – Tonearm cables

Phono – Tonearm Cables

A cable series from Dyrholm Audio, developed specifically for use between your turntable and Step-up unit, and from step-up unit to RIAA amplifier. These cables are specially designed to be used wherever there is a lower output voltage than the normal 2 V in line signals.
High-end performing.
The Phono Series gives you exact and detailed sound, that never tend to get harsh.
This cable is constructed from silver-plated copper wire. All threads are isolated with separate cotton braids, and finally gathered in a sealed tube that prevents oxidation. Noise and hum shielding is provided by a zink-plated copper shield, preventing radiation from other sources.

The Phono Series are supplied as RCA/RCA, XLR/XLR, DIN/RCA, DIN/XLR.

All plugs are Furutech High-end rhodium-plated copper plugs.

Hand made in Denmark. 0,6 – 1,0 – 1,5 – 2,0 meters length.