Vision – NCF – Tonearm cables

We have changed the cables internally in the Vision Series so they are optimized for the new NCF connectors from Furutech.

In the Vision Series, the tonearm cables are made up of a single UPOCC copper wire in each conductor. 5 wires in total. The wires are acoustically optimized in dimension for this particular cable and plugs.
Developed specifically for use between your turntable and Step-up unit, and from step-up unit to RIAA amplifier. These cables are designed to be used wherever there is a lower output voltage than the normal 2 V in line signals.

The wires are braided with cotton fibers and sealed against corrosion. The cable is shielded and the distance internally between the conductors and the screens is optimized for the lowest possible capacity, which ensures the best possible sound. This construction also provides a minimum of accumulation of static electricity and protects against vibrations.

We have selected XLR and RCA connectors from Furutech’s NCF Series for these cables.

The changes collectively make the cables some of the absolute best-sounding cables on the market.
An exceptionally dynamic and detailed reproduction, with the musicality intact.

Vision tonearm cables are supplied as RCA/RCA, XLR/XLR, DIN/RCA, DIN/XLR.