Vision Series Digital cable

The Vision Series – Digital cables

In the Vision Series, the digital cables are made up of UPOCC copper wires. A single wire is used for 75 ohm cables (RCA/BNC) and 2 wires for 110 ohm cables (XLR).

The wires are acoustically optimized in dimension for this particular cable. The wires are braided with cotton fibers and sealed against corrosion. The conductors are double electrically shielded against noise. This construction also provides a minimum of accumulation of static electricity and protects against vibrations.

We have chosen Kryo RCA/XLR connectors from ETI Research for the 75/110 Ohm version.

For the BNC version, carbon connectors from Furutech have been selected.

These cables are unique.
Overall, a musical experience far beyond the ordinary. This cable series connects your Hi-fi system in the absolute best way. A must for all music lovers.