Vision Series

Dyrholm Audio does not publish many news. We spend a lot of time developing our cables, and only launch new products on the market when crucial improvements have been made.
We have done that now.

We have developed a new cable series – the Vision Series.
The goal of the Vision Series has from the beginning been to surpass everything we have done before. To achieve this, it has been necessary to use materials we have not used before, and the actual construction of the cables is significantly different.

This cable series is fundamentally different from all our previous models, by using exclusively UPOCC (Ultra pure – Ohno Continuous Casting) copper wire for all models.
Ohno Continuous Casting is a casting process developed by Professor Ohno of the Chiba Institute of Technology in 1982. This process eliminates transverse crystals in the material, and is also called single crystal copper. The copper achieves a higher purity and a very smooth surface during this process. This means that the electrons do not have to travel from one crystal to another along the entire length of the cable, with great acoustic benefits.
Cables made from these copper wires simply sound better. More precise, more musical, more detailed and more dynamic.
There is no doubt after a comparison with even the purest OFC copper (Oxygen-free copper) or even silver.
There are only a few manufacturers of OCC copper, and our wires are made in dimensions that are acoustically optimized for the different cable types in the Vision Series.
Speaker cables, interconnects, power cables, digital cables, USB cables and tonearm cables, will be made in this series.
The individual OCC copper wires are braided with cotton fibers, and then sealed against corrosion. This construction protects against vibrations and static electricity. The amount and thickness of wires varies in the different types of cables.
For the Vision Series, we have chosen some connectors that acoustically match the OCC wires and overall we end up at a higher level.
Most connectors are supplied by ETI Research and Furutech.

Overall, a musical experience far beyond the ordinary. This cable series connects your Hi-fi system in the absolute best way.

There are descriptions of the individual cables at

The entire series will be ready for delivery in the autumn of 2021.
For more information on how you can try the cables, prices etc. contact the dealer in your country. Find your dealer at or contact directly – John Dyrholm –