X – Series

Dyrholm Audio – The X – series

Dyrholm Audio celebrate our ten years jubilee in 2017 by introducing the X-series!

We have spent more than ten years of developing some of the finest cables available, so it has been quite a task exceeding our former top-end cables. In order to make a proper celebration we have used all our skills and experience to develop this product.

These cables go beyond your wildest dreams regarding natural timbre, resolution, perspective, depth and so on.

Various persons have during test sessions wondered: What happened here – we just changed a cable?! The answer is uncompromised construction, using the very best materials for conductors, specifically chosen for each cable for a large surface-area, eliminating static electricity, dampening vibration and ensuring perfect contact by using some of the best plugs that money can buy.

The X – series cables are available as interconnect-, speaker-, power, digital, USB, and tonearm-cables.

Interconnect cables: Cores made from pure fine-silver; five strands in each core, of varying thickness. All of the cores are individually insulated and eventually sealed in air tight tubes.

Speaker cables: Cores made from strands of pure fine-silver in combination with strands of silver plated copper; fifteen strands in each core. Cores individually insulated in cotton, which applies the most natural sound. Cores sealed in air tight tubes, protecting against corrosion.

Digital- and USB-cables: Cores made from pure fine-silver.  Multible strands individually insulated are used for each core,  with cotton and sealed for protection against corrosion.

All of the X-series cables are shielded with a tin plated or galvanized copper shield, effectively preventing pollution from other sources. In order to dampen vibration the cable is embedded in a foamed tube made from silicone, finally covered in a flexible sleeve, protecting the cable from wear.

Finally the cables are supplied with some of the best plugs on the market, from Furutech – RCAs supplied with CF-102 (R); XLRs supplied with CF 601 M/ CF 602 F, and speaker cables supplied with FP201 (R) or FP-200 (R), spades or banana.

Power cables in the X – Series are in a league of their own, made from gilded strands of copper – no less than thirty three individually cotton-insulated strands in each core, making a total of 99 in each cable, making a huge surface area compared to the dimension of the cable. Each core double secured against voltage-damage. The cable is then shielded, insulated and finally covered with a carbon shielding, eliminating static electricity.

The power cables come with the new gen. Furutech NFC plugs – at the moment the best in the world!

The X – Series cables are simply a must for ultra high end gear!

Hand made in lengths as you wish up to max. 4 meters. Max. 3 meters for digital versions.

Ready for sale now. Please contact us.