This is second generation of the Zodiac cable due to refinement of production as well as connectors have been switched to excellent ones from Furutech.

Tonally you will find this cable perfectly balanced, yet not lacking of drama and insight. This is due to an uncompromised construction and a combination of fine silver and silver-plated copper.

This cable offers an exquisite, full-bodied sound reproduction: sweet, fine-grained and detailed. It draws you closer to the musical events that seem effortless and as natural as it gets. It also features an exceptional control of the soundstage and a calmness that highlights the beauty of the music. These cables are top notch for upgrading your high end system.

The Zodiac interconnect and speaker series is made of solid cores of both fine silver and silver-plated copper.

The Zodiac Power cables is made of solid cores of gold-plated copper,  75 pcs. in every cable isolated with seperate cotton braids. One of the best sounding Power Cables on the market.

The Zodiac digital series are made of pure silver cores. All threads are insulated in separate cotton braids, then assembled in a sealed tube in order to prevent oxidation. Shielding is provided by zinc plated copper shield that effectively stops radiation from other sources. Finally the cable is covered in a dampening foamed silicon hose.


This uncompromised construction minimizes static electricity and absorbs vibration and noise. We are especially proud of this product and we do find it is a killer-performer, considering price tag – or not…
Supplied as interconnect cable with Furutech carbon RCA or XLR connectors.
As digital cable with Furutech carbon RCA, BNC or XLR connectors.
As speaker cable with Furutech spades or bananas. All types made from rhodium-plated copper.
As Power cables with Furutech carbon connectors.

Hand made in lengths as you wish up to max. 4 meters. Max. 3 meters for digital and Power versions.

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